In our school, we organize so called “special weeks” dedicated to different departments. We take into account students’ interests and skills. Students and teachers take active part in preparing them.


GÜLENTAŞ  - "The Week of Humour”

   Throughout this week, activities contributing to the humour culture of the school are carried out. It is a colourful week with masters of humour as guests, cartoon exhibitions and dramas, both prepared by students.


“The Week of Science and Mathematics”

   This week dedicated to Science and Mathematics. Experts in these areas visit our school and talk about their work to our students. Also, students exhibit their science projects and participate in various competitions and activities.


“Welcome – Willkommen” Week

    This week is dedicated to English and German – the two foreign languages thought at our school. Ahead of the assigned week, teachers together with students prepare projects related to the title of the week, which is renewed every year. Those are exhibited in the lobby afterwards. There are vocabulary games, shows, dramas, debates and presentations organized in both languages. In the school library, students can buy English and German books at the book stands. We also invite guests to talk to students about language learning and experiences of living abroad.


The “Social Science and Arts” Week

   Social Science Department and Arts Department have their “week” together. Throughout this week, they organize events like dramas, competitions, guests and so on. They exhibit projects from both fields.


The “Book Fair”

   The aim of the Book Fair is understanding the importance of reading. Students are given a chance to meet with new publications and authors as well. During this fair, vocabulary games, reading and books discussions are planned. Students also get a chance to meet authors, illustrators, artists and such in the conference hall. They listen to them talking about their work and they can ask them questions about it.