Our students have the opportunity to develop their abilities and creativity in social clubs. They have the chance to be inquirers, thinkers and self confident individuals.

Our students to projects which are related to the community problems and solutions to these problems in the clubs.

Our aim in social clubs is to guide students to be enthusiastic, responsible, active and caring individuals by using the attitudes and skilss.

1 Badminton Club
2 Ballet Club
3 Basketball Club
4 Science Club
5 Information Technology Club
6 Dance Club
7 Handcrafts Club
8 Learning Through Experimenting Club
9 English Books, Games and Scrabble Club
10 English Drama Club
11 English Games, Songs and Tales Club
12 Photography Club
13 Young Achievers' Club
14 Young Designers' Club
15 Memory Games Club
16 Folk Dance Club
17 Junior Model United Nations Club
18 Calligraphy Club
19 Violin Club
20 Cut & Fold & Stick Club
21 Short Film Club
22 Puppet Theatre Club
23 Books and Media Club
24 Mathematical Thinking Club
25 Media Club
26 Xylophone Club
27 Very Young Designers Club
28 Humour and Fun Club
29 Math Fun Club
30 Percussion Club
31 Authentic Children's Games Club
32 Popular Music and Orchestra Club
33 Art Club
34 Chess Club
35 Environmental Protection Club
36 Poetry Club
37 Jewellery Design Club
38 Film Dünyası Kulübü
39 Drama Club
40 Küçük Öğrenenler Kulübü
41 Creative Drama Club
42 Creative Projects Club
43 Gymnastics Club