The open-shelf library system is tailored to the use of our students, teachers, and parents. At least one lesson every week of class time is spent reading in our library. Books are lent to students for a 15-day period, the identification of the book and the borrower is saved in the computer. With every book students take a form that makes it easy for parents and teachers to supervise their reading process. The number of pages each student reads in the library and at home are recorded on the form and the records, in the form of charts, are saved on the library computers.

In order to develop research skills, internet services are provided. Every week "Library User Rubrics" are distributed, and in accordance with certain criteria, students can evaluate themselves.

For each grade-level according to established criteria a "Book Based Diploma" is created, and successful students are presented with a diploma. Also, the Turkish Language Department prepares weekend homework for the children to develop their skills and knowledge of the library pages encountered that week.

The library also receives daily newspapers and monthly periodicals such as Bilim Teknik Dergisi (Science Technical Journal), Bilim Çocuk Dergisi (Science Journal for Children), and Bütün Dünya Dergisi (Journal of the Whole World).

In our library, periodicals like monthly magazine Bilim Teknik, Bilim Çocuk magazine, Tübitak Meraklı Minik, Bütün Dünya, Bilim ve Gelecek magazine, EKOIQ, Bilim ve Gelecek, NTV Tarih, National Geographic, Atlas magazine, Turkish Language Society magazine are followed regularly.

For the Newspaper & Periodical corners constituted in class corridors, Bütün Dünya, NTV Tarih, National Geographic, Sudoku and Beyond, Atlas magazine are monthly bought for students to be able to benefit from them. Bilim Teknik, Bilim Çocuk, Tübitak Meraklı Minik magazines are bought for all classes according to class levels. Besides, in Game corners we have constituted in corridors, there are various game tools like Tangram, Chess sets, Scrabble.