The purpose of school guidance services is helping students  adapting to the environment, finding solutions to the problems, recognizing the student's self-confidence, creating the values system and helping  to communicate with other people.The purpose of guidance isn't only giving advice, or telling what shoul be done to solve a problem. The main purpose is ,students becoming aware of their own problems,recognizing themselves, learning how to choose in accordance with their own interests and abilities.

As Psychological Counselling and Guidance Service our goal is, getting to know our students according to their individual characteristics,helping them to get know themselves and finding solutions in the face of the problems, students realizing their own interests and abilities and guiding them for developing themselves,determining in-class dynamics and making the necessary arrangements.

Taş Private Elementary School

General Goals of Psychological Counselling and Guidance Service

  • ensure that students learn more about themselves
  • enhance students' interests and abilities
  • develop students' self-confidence
  • ensure students being individuals who are successful in human relations
  • help students to decide and implement the right and help them acquire positive behaviours
  • orginize the relationship between school-family and student
  • enhance social cohesion and to raise students' achievement
  • reach every student with based on student-centered work ,both as a group and  an individual ., unbiased and accordance with the privacy policy


The Issues Covered in General by Counselling Service

  • family-oriented activities(communication, conflict resolution, and parental attitudes, rule-making, such as to gain responsibility at home ....)
  • friends relationships (problem-solving, empathy, helpfulness, cooperation, efforts to develop social skills such as recognizing incorrect behavior)
  • following up emotional, social and academic development ( Individual interviews and applications with the students, for recognition )
  • personal problems (loss of someone close, the sudden changes in behavior, mother- father separation, etc.)
  • having efficient work habits
  • test anxiety
  • adolescence



Students are tested as a group and an individual.Based on the acquired information school - family co-operation is planned.Counselling and Guidance Service, actively participates in activities of programme of Inquiry under İYP.

Counseling and Guidance Service is in charge of various projects. Counseling Service is responsible for the efficiency and continuity of these projects






  “Class Brothers and Sisters” Project helps create positive relationship between students from different grades, gain the sense of responsibility, cooperation and team work. “Class Brothers and Sisters” are volunteers from Grades 6 and 7 with the appropriate characteristics (positive peer relations, moral rules and so on) They assist assigned classes (chosen from prep and Grades 1,2,3) in various projects.


Model Classes of the Week

     This project’s aim is to help students develop time management, act independently, get organized, take responsibility. Students themselves select model classes according to the specified criteria every week. The model classes are announced at the Friday ceremony. As a reward, students from those classes (and their “brothers or sisters”) can come to school following Monday wearing casual clothes. They are also the ones choosing the next “Model classes of the week.”



“Model Learning Environment Classes of the Week”


   This project’s aim is to develop students’ self – government and social skills. Teachers select Model Learning Environment Classes according to the specified criteria every week. They are announced at the Friday ceremony. They are announced at the Friday ceremony. As a reward, students from those classes (and their “brothers and sisters”) can come to school following Monday wearing casual clothes.



“The School Leader and His / Her Assistant”


   Candidates are chosen from the Honour Board. They are assigned to departments and together with teachers prepare campaign. The elected School Leader and his / her Assistant play an active role in running the Student’s Council, creating the school agenda and sharing these with school.


“Students’ Council”


   “Students’ Council” is a project created by the ministry of Education to form a culture of democracy among students. Representatives are selected from each class. They choose students for the Honour Board (10-12 people)

The criteria is academic achievement and positive behaviour.

The Students’ council and the Honour Board have meetings twice a semester. They offer their opinions and criticisms, evaluate some of the school activities and create projects to contribute to the development of the school.


“Sexual Education” Program


This educational program is given to the students in Grade 7 by experts. It provides scientific information about the physical, emotional, academic and social changes in adolescence. Students are thought to understand the difference between child, adolescent and adult, to know personal boundaries in social relations, to recognize sign of risky situations and to deal with them.




“Social Skills Training”

     This group work’s aim is to develop social skills. It covers introduction and self – recognition, empathy, anger management, problem solving, self – confidence, being part of a group, improving observation skills, active listening, and non – verbal communication. At the end of the training, students are given a certificate.



“Conflict Management Training”

 This training is prepared for class brothers and sisters (class guardians). It teaches them how to positively deal and solve problems in classes for which they are responsible. At the end of the program, students are given a certificate.




   By taking in account the assessment of Rathaus "Atılganlık Envanteri" that is applied to all students in Grade 6 as well as the teachers ' observation and feedback, students are evaluated.The aim of this training is teaching self confidence, protecting the rights of others, learning variety of communication skills to express themselves. At the end of the program, students are given a certificate.



   This is a group of students from Grade 4 and 5 who need to develpo study habits. In this study, self-organisation, time management, planned work, program preparation, goal setting, etc. are included. This work aims to increase students awareness of themselves and implementation of obtained information. At the end of the group work students are given certificates.



This education is given to volunteer parents from Prep, Greade 1 and 4. This group work targets areas like being a model, communication, parents ' attitudes, the rule settings etc. This work increases parents' awareness of themselves and their children, and provides school-family cooperation and aims to improve the relationship between the child and the family.