Prep Class students are encouraged to explore and apply knowledge and skills in the following areas:

Improvement of interpersonal skills.
Learning to share.
Cooperation with peers and others.
Leadership skills adaptation.
Playing an appropriate and constructive role in and out of school, in a variety of social situations.
Development of fine and gross motor skills: Children are exposed to a variety of activities such as running, hopping, jumping, skipping and climbing to develop gross-motor skills and are encouraged to use their developing fine motor skills through a series of activities including manipulating tools (brushes, pencils, scissors) and drawing shapes, cutting, folding and sticking.

Emotional Development : The children are encouraged and helped in understanding and expressing their feelings appropriately; in listening to others; in identifying cause and effect in situations; in describing their feelings and in being able to express their curiosity.

Mental Development: The children will be able to identify numbers from 1 - 10 and to describe objects in terms of colour, shape and size. They learn to describe events, talk about the outcomes of their experiments and recognize symbols in daily life.

Health, Hygiene and Safety: Students are encouraged to be aware of dangers in their environment and to help others. They are encouraged to dress and undress themselves. They are encouraged to eat different types of food by themselves. They are shown the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and looking after their environment.

Good Habits: Students are encouraged throughout the daily life in the school to use their time effectively and to be punctual: also, to take responsibility for themselves and their actions and to participate in class workshops. These habits are encouraged through the use of relevant criteria. The school and students families work in cooperation to achieve these aims.