• Ensure that copies of IBO pulbications pertaining to the PYP section of the school are available to all staff members
  • Establish and maintain a record of completed planners
  • Publish the school's programme of inquiry
  • Lead the process of developing and reviewing the school's scope and sequence documents
  • Ensure that essential agreements are formulated for assessment and for teaching and learning language
  • Participate in the formation of the school's statregic development plan


Professional Development

  • Ensure that staff members are made aware of professional development opportunities
  • Make recommendations regarding professional development opportunities on and off campus
  • Keep a record of workshop attendance and school visits in order to ensure equality of opportunity and identify ongoing needs
  • Assist teams or individuals in developing units of inquiry
  • Support the teachers responsible for, and the students involved in, the PYP Exhibition in grade 6


Resource Management

  • Make recommendations for the purchase of suitable recources to support the implementation of the programme
  • Establish an inventory of resources to facilitate efficient management



  • Set up systems for communication and collaboration among all staff members involved in implementing the programme
  • Conduct parent information sessions
  • Publish articles pertaining to the programme in the school newsletter
  • Circulate all relevant information received from IBO
  • Prepare and submit documentation required for authorization and evaluation
  • Ensure that all requirements of the IBO concerning the implementation of the programme are adhered to
  • Respond to requests for information from the IBO
  • Provide a liaison between the school and IBO
  • Provide an outreach to the wider PYP community through OCC (Online Curriculum Centre) discussions forums, email and school visits
  • Promote the use of OCC within the school community