Our school library, which actively takes part in the school programme by keeping the necessary materials for education services to be carried out, fulfills all the requirements of our parents, teachers and students, enables them to reach other intended information sources via internet usage.

In a society of developing technology and information, to give access to all information sources fast and beneficially, to make students gain reading habits, to guide their book choices, to activate benefiting from a library and usage of a library in daily life are among our primary goals.

75th Year Library of our school has a rich collection of books in every taught language, periodicals, audio-visual non-book materials like CDs, DVDs, VCDs etc. By taking age groups into consideration, various publications are provided. In addition, students can benefit from the bookshelves in their classrooms.

Our library is the inseparable part of the school culture. It is a research and learning heart which has the latest technological equipment and in which printed and digital sources are available.

 Every year, new books are bought in amounts determined by the school and our library is enriched with children's literature, novels, stories and reference sources. Our library keeps up to date with new publications. Also our archive is developed every year through visual tools and audio books, and is brought to use of our teachers. Our library helps schools in need of library development materials and technical support.

In our library, periodicals like monthly magazine; Bilim Teknik, Bilim Çocuk magazine, Tübitak Meraklı Minik, Bütün Dünya, Bilim ve Gelecek magazine, EKOIQ, Bilim ve Gelecek, NTV Tarih, National Geographic, Atlas magazine, Turkish Language Society magazine are followed regularly.

For the Newspaper & Periodical corners in the corridors, Bütün Dünya, NTV Tarih, National Geographic, Sudoku and Beyond, Atlas magazines are bought monthly for students. Bilim Teknik, Bilim Çocuk, Tübitak Meraklı Minik magazines are bought for all classes according to class levels. Apart from that in game corners in corridors, there are various games like Tangram, Chess sets, Scrabble.

The books and various publications in our library have been organized in open shelf system Dewey Decimal Classification System. This library classification system is the most widely used in the world. It has been used in over 135 countries and translated into over 30 languages.

Our school, which gives great importance to development and communication, follows and supports organizations like vocational meetings, seminars and panels.