We see parents as an important source and bridge for upbringing the children.

Communication with parents is an essential element in education in our school, parents can see their responsibilities in detailes and forward their requests as well.

To achieve our goal we carry out the following:



  • Parents  meetings
  • Portfolio presentations (student-centered parents meetings)
  • Parents are informed about the school's activities through parents newsletters
  • School-family association meetings and events
  • Parents symposiums
  • Courses held for parents
  • Parents education seminars
  • Parents attended excursions within the framework of the program of the school
  • Guest speakers


For each kind of feedback regarding our practices and our students,the following points are important for a healthy flow of information:

  • If you need any information about lessons, first make an inquiry with the subject teacher.
  • You may get information about your childs social and academic development from the assigned guidance counselor.
  • You may consult the guidance and psychological counselling service to follow your childs emotional and personal development and to take precautions in case of possible problems.
  • You can share and receive information via the Vice Principal about students ' personal development, academic development and assessment